Loyalty Program

For us, a loyal customer is a customer who has a positive attitude towards our corporate activities and the people staffing our drugstores, a person who enjoys purchasing their healthcare products at our drugstores more than anywhere else.

The fact that we have a large following of loyal customers points to the efficacy of our work. The "5+" Drugstore loyalty program has been designed to create all of the conditions necessary to ensure that our regular customers always sense their special status whenever they visit a "5+" Drugstore.

We recognize the fact that a loyal customer is our best market influencer, advertisement and public relations ambassador. This is precisely why we view investing in the fullest possible satisfaction of our regular customers’ needs as an effective alternative to traditional mass-media advertising.

Who is eligible for a loyal customer card?

1. Clients living in a "5+" Drugstores neighborhood.

2. Clients providing sales receipts totaling AMD 200,000.

3. Clients providing 30 sales receipts dated within a three month period.

Кому предоставляется карта лояльных клиентов?

Key features of the "5+" Drugstore loyalty program

1. Pharmacare.

When you make a new purchase using your loyalty card, the automated system analyzes its drug compatibility with previous purchases, thereby allowing our pharmacist to warn you of potentially adverse effects.

2. Promoting good health.

Free patient clinics are held at "5+" Drugstores on a monthly basis with leading specialists from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia. All loyal customer cardholders are afforded the opportunity to participate in these clinics.

3. Savings.

The loyal customer card allows you to receive discounts on your drug purchases.