About us

“5+” offers a wide spectrum of drugs registered in Armenia. We purchase pharmaceutical products directly from official suppliers, affording you the utmost confidence in their authenticity. In 2005 the first "5+" Drugstore was opened in downtown Yerevan.

The web site is offered in three languages and includes detailed information about all products,prices, descriptions, photos, etc. If you have questions or concerns you can contact customer service 24/7 via phone or simply by sending an e-mail.

We guarantee that all offered medicine (drugs) and products are stored in accordance with established safety rules and recommended temperature-settings, thereby ensuring that the product is always top-quality. Our drug prices are in line with the market.

Each and every day, we strive to demonstrate our dedication to success in our work with our partners, which is ultimately designed to promote the health and wellbeing of all of our customers. Today, we remain young, ambitious and innovative.

The "5+" brand philosophy

"5+" Drugstores are drugstores of exceptional people – exceptional in terms of knowledge, service and patient care, exceptional in terms of outlook, approach and determination.

  • "5+" Drugstores are drugstores for exceptional people – those worthy of top - quality products at the fairest -possible prices.
  • "5+" Drugstores offer an exceptional atmosphere designed to promote good health.
  • "5+" Drugstores provide their employees with exceptionally comfortable working conditions that encourage the development of professional skills.
  • "5+" Drugstores continuously strive to be exceptional partners for all pharmaceutical companies.

5 principles of whom we work for:

1. For ourselves and our families.
2. For our customers.
3. For our country.
4. For physicians. (In helping them, we help patients.)
5. For our partners. (Their prosperity today is our success tomorrow.)

5 principles of how we work:

1. Determinedly.
2. Creatively.
3. Honestly.
4. With our sights on the future.
5. With a sense of humor :). (After all, "Laughter is the best medicine.")